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Some care tips to keep your towels soft, absorbent and beautiful:

• Always wash your towels before first use
• Wash dark colours seperate from pastel colours
• Use detergents and softeners sparingly
• Never use bleach on coloured towels
• Temperature - Cold wash or do not exceed 60 degrees.

• Avoid drying in direct sunlight
• Tumble drying will soften your towels
Important - dampness causes mildew
• Make sure your towels are 100% dry before storing
• The storage place must be damp free and ventilated

• Rotate your towels frequently
• Certain cosmetic and skin care products can stain
  your towels, avoid direct contact with such products
• If a thread is pulled, cut it off with a pair of scissors.

How to remove stains:

Ink (Ball Point Pen) - Use Hair Spray
• Wet the spot completely with hair spray
• Leave to dry at room temperature
• Wash normally with detergent at 60 degrees celsius

Grease & oil - Commercial stain remover
• Spray stain remover on the stain and follow the
  Manufacturer's instructions. Wash normally afterwards.

Nail Polish - acetone-free polish
• Soak stains for 5 minutes and wash normally afterwards.
Blood & Fruit - Cold water / Hydrogen Peroxide
• Soak in cold water for an hour, rinse with clean water
• Mix 50ml of Hydrogen peroxide to 1 litre of cold water.
  Soak for an hour & wash normally at 60 degrees Celsius.

Red wine, Coffee, Tea & beetroot - Borax
• Sprinkle Buffalo Borax over the stain and pour boiling
  water on top. Leave for 5 minutes and wash normally.

• Wash normally with detergent at 60 C.

Explanation of washing symbols at the back of the label:
We recommend a cold wash, however a warm wash should not exceed 60 degrees celsius.
Tumble Dry
Tumble dry for a short period to soften and improve the feel and look. Hang towels to breathe before storing.
Bleach (Chlorine)
Never use bleach on coloured towels.
White towels can be bleached.
Line Dry
Hang your towels in the shade, direct sunlight might fade the colour.
Dry cleaning
Do not dry clean towels!
Ironing (Warm iron only)
Optional - Tumble dry afterwards
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